This reviews on the online market have been patronized by various sectors, not only individuals who want to have gorgeous hair every day but also the hair styling industry (such as salons, beauty parlors and the likes)which finds best hair straighteners or flat irons (as they are sometimes called) as part of women’s beauty regimen.

Comparing the best flat iron is an arduous task, however, once you are done reading this article you will surely be relieved of the possibility of confusing what product to procure. Straighteners could be used by persons with long or short hair that is why it is more economical to purchase this type of hair styling product rather than investing in another type of hair styling device.

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Comparing the Top 10 of the Best Straighteners 2018

ImagesNameType/WidthAuto shut-off?Reviews
HSI Professional 1 Ceramic
Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener
Ceramic tourmaline/ 1 inch
CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair StraightenerCeramic tourmaline/ 1 inchX
Ghd Professional Classic 1″ StylerCeramic tourmaline/ 1 inch
HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron with Digital LCDCeramic tourmaline/ 1 inch
BaByliss BABNT3072 TitaniumTitanium
Tourmaline/ 1 inch, 1-1/2″
ISA Professional DigitalCeramic tourmaline/ 1 inch
BaByliss Pro Nano TitaniumCeramic tourmaline/ 1 3/4″ inch
Royale Hair StraightenerCeramic tourmaline/ 1  inch

Gauging quality and reliability, we go now to the Top 10 Straighteners of 2018 to make our readers gather a wide variety of choices and eventually settle for really the best one and ultimately give real value for their money.

Straightener is an electrical device, basically shaped like a stapler, which has heating plates on both sides. This device is primarily used to straighten, curl, flip or anything a user wants with her hair. This flat-iron gives glows; make hair silkier and bouncy in a period of time. We want you to be serious with these straightener reviews so that you may be able to arrive at a better decision in buying the right product for you.

Typically, electronic straightener is used only on dry hair. It is not advisable to use on wet hair as the heat may cause damage to hair.

1. HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Straightener

The HSI Professional Ionic flat iron straightener is a wonder of a device. It does not snug or tug hair because it takes away frizz and locks, that is not possible in other flat-iron. The adjustable temperature (240-400F) has a longer range so that users have the freedom to choose just the right heat for her, especially if the hair is thicker; a much higher temperature is needed to straighten the hair.

However, unlike other brands, the HSI Professional does not have automatic features. You have to turn it off manually (the same when it is turned on, in reverse) when not in use. Except for this issue, this product is quite fantastic as it really do wonders to any type of hair. Its smooth ceramic plates easily slide through your hair without damaging it. Split ends just don’t stay long.

It comes with free items such as Argan oil leave used in hair treatment, a pair of gloves to protect your hands from heat and a pouch which you could use when you travel. These items are not offered by competing brands which already cost a fortune.

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2. CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron in Multiple Colors

If you want silkier shinier and more flat without the traces of fly away hair, you might want to try the CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron which is one of the most sought-after brand due to its lightness and versatility. It has a far infra-red heating capability which reduces frizz and static making the hair, every strand of it, do not adhere to the plates thus avoid too much dryness.

This flat-iron is certified CHI (Farouk) Home products and must not be confused with the other “CHI” that are proliferating outside of Amazon virtual stores. Although both are Farouk products, the nature of each is different from each other.

With such a little effort, a wonderfully straight hair is truly attainable using this straightener that is somewhat difficult for other models which has the same features compared to the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron. However, this product is manually operated, it does not shut-off on its own after use. You have to turn it off manually by its built-in “on and off” switches. But it is as simple as “ABC” to do so.

You have a wide range of heat selection to choose from to satisfy the heat needed for your hair. And it takes no more than 15 minutes to do hair and keep it straight and shines and it stays all day long while you work, shop and eventually every active workout you want. Some flat iron will straighten out your hair and when you are done, it would be blown away by outside wind and in no time it is back to its ugly form, but not the CHI flat iron which really gives long-lasting effects to your hair.

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3. HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Straightener

One of the highly rated straightener products in Amazon, the HSI Professional CeramicTourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is fully-automatic with clear LCD digital display to monitor the heat it is on. Designed with the best hairstylists’ skills in mind, this product could be easily gripped to achieve gorgeous hair with all its elegance and shines.

This flat iron could style hair in half the time because of its quick heating effect once you turn it on. The temperature cold be adjusted from 240-450F depending on the hair’s thickness. This really works smoothly and straightens hair easily; you are like being pampered in a salon. Styling could be achieved without snugging the hair and without struggle from locks and frizz.

The rounded plates could work best on bangs, curls and add a little wave on the hair’s end without the fuzz. Stylists just love its multiple heat settings that work out well in minutes, even the longest hair.

Unfortunately, its swivel cord had been designed inappropriately as it is too long. Salons could have some trouble entangling their customers’ foot if it does not wound up properly. So, better to watch out for that cord! Wound it up nicely or better; lay it where nobody could be entangled on it. Beware not to cut it, though.

You will not be disappointed with the results the HSI Ceramic Professional flat-iron brings, as thousands of users have attested to its reliability and quality other brands failed to provide.

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4. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, 1 Inch

If you want sleek, slim and very light to touch straightening flat-iron, you will not be shortchanged by the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hair plated Ultra-thin Straightening Iron made by BaByliss Pro. Aside from being so thin, it boasts of titanium as its heating plates. One of the hardest metals known to man, titanium is non-corrosive and does not adhere to hair strands even at high temperature.

This characteristic of titanium makes hair glow and shines when glided upon. Also, titanium generates and dissipates negative ions with maximum far-infrared energy making hairstyling quick but smooth; it never hurts the hair scalp. The plates’ 5-inch length reaches through large area of the hair and heats it evenly as it glides through every strand of the hair, whether you have long, kinky hair or a curly and thick one. Nothing beats the reliability of a titanium plate when it comes to hair straightening!

The BaByliss Pro Nano is an innovation in style. The wide and long plates have literally no comparison with other brands. It has the biggest difference in tackling course and very dry hair which many hairdressers find to be the flat iron’s strongest point where it can maintain the heat setting shown on its clear LED temperature display. The back and center of the head which are seemingly the hardest part to straighten are no match with the BaByliss Pro flat-iron once it reach these hard to style areas.

Unfortunately, this flat-iron is not automatic. You have to turn this off manually after use. It is not an issue though, but more possibly a safety feature to make the unit more energy-efficient (as you have to consume electricity only when you have to) and conserve rising cost of electricity. You just have to remember turning it off after every use.

 5. ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

The ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic flat-iron hair straightener is 100% solid ceramic unlike any other in the market. This straightener has neon background digital display which has a temperature range as low as 175F up to 450F as the highest setting. That is a lot to choose from. Thin to thick hair is not a problem with this flat iron. Making the hair shiny, straight, curly and wavy and anything you want.

The control on this flat-iron is outside so it is virtually easy to adjust the heat while you are on the go, pressing your hair while pressing the button at the same time making adjustment on the temperature. Dirt cheap flat irons have their controls built-in on the inside of the unit and you have to stop your work for a while to peep on the temperature if it coincides with what you want. This is so uncomfortable and time-consuming unlike this one which need no checking while you style your hair. This way, the works will be finished within minutes and you are ready to do other tasks.

This flat-iron just makes your day to start right. It has also a locking system where you could press the button twice in a row to lock the system. By locking the setting, you won’t accidentally mess up with the setting or forgot the right one. What a brilliant idea! It makes safer especially from children who want to play and explore with new things.

However, it cost more compared to its closest competitors of the same class. But you could also compare their difference and functionality which are miles apart and that is probably the reason for the slight difference on price. A small amount is just a figure you won’t regret in the future!

6. BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 3/4″ Iron Straightener

This straightener is fast, really fast! The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium iron straightener heats up unlike any other. The awesome titanium plate is truly a work of art. Ionic technology enables this flat-iron to heat up 40% faster than other brands. It also yields the smoothest and softest, yet shiny hair one could ever imagine. The salon-like finished of every gliding stroke of this state-of-the-art technology in hair ironing made this product one of the bestsellers in Amazon.

The product is really worth every penny. This flat-iron could perpetually care for your thick or curly hair which might be prone to frizzing or outside humidity. By using this hair iron, you could feel the difference of a super-sleek, shiny and bouncy hair your old hair iron could not deliver.

Its titanium plates, 1 3/4-inch wide and has very slim handle will not slip from your hands while you do the styling. It is also very light and thin enough while the plates are longer than ordinary hair iron which allows you to work with more area covered while working on your hair. Its lightness could work on your advantage as you could flip this straightener easily giving you more comfort in styling.

If your hair needs thorough ironing before to keep it straight, you now have the minimum of time to do that with the BaByliss Pro Nano. Consequently, if you want multiple passes on your hair, this flat-iron will not damage the hair as the titanium plates protect it from scratching. However, this tool is not automatic. You need to turn it on via its built-in switch and when it is time to turn it off, you do the reverse. It is possible that it is a safety feature to minimize energy consumption.

7. Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Moisturizing, Conditioning Digital Ceramic Straightener, 1 inch

If you want your hair to smell like avocado immediately after you style your hair, the Remington S9950 Therapy Moisturizing and Conditioning straightener is just right for you. Not only has that, its ceramic plate (1-inch wide) is infused with vitamin E together with the avocado as conditioners. These conditioners are evenly emitted during hair styling to allow it to shine and protect the hair from the harsh effects of stress. The plates are specifically designed and formulated together with the conditioners to last 4 years.

This flat iron reach the maximum heat at only 30 seconds, making styling the fastest among the models of this caliber, that also last longer than any other brands. It has a digital temperature display, shuts off automatically and with temperature lock to avoid messing up and the eventual forgetting of setting that happens oftentimes. With these features, heating adjustment is precise and easy.

While the desired temperature could be attained in seconds, after the works though, the hair takes time to cool, so better not to touch it for about 15 minutes. One more, the system is not a dual voltage anymore (110V only) unlike the previous models also made by Remington. However, there is a provisional converter that comes within the package.

These minor issues do not diminish the quality of this straightener. The salon-quality hair straightening could still be possible with this flat-iron even inside your home. The floating plates bring bounce to hair no other product could had done with a single stroke of a skilled hands. For curly hair, just twist your wrist slightly to achieve what you desire for. This product is really for the whole family who want to style their hair every day with precision and long-lasting effects.

8. Onassis Style Aphrodite Professional Flat Iron

If you want a product that a manufacturer warrants its service up to 10 years, then you could put your trust to this one. The Onassis Style Aphrodite Professional flat-iron is what its manufacturer is offering. The Onassis Style, one of the world’s premier quality products provider assured its customers worldwide of total reliability on products that they made.

The LED display and digital temperature control are welcome relief for hair stylists who want complete manipulation of the temperature much to their desire and liking. It could easily adjust the temperature in quick easy steps. Course or fine hair could be treated smoothly using this 1-inch wide ceramic tourmaline plated flat-iron.

The product adopts the Nano Technology in designing the plates so users are provided the best care for the most stubborn hair in the planet. It has a swivel cord which is tangle-free and rotates at 360 degrees without the fuzz of stacking off while you are in the middle of intense hair styling. It is really a totally safe and sound operation.

However, due to its efficient heating in only minutes, the unit is still hot after your brief styling; it is advisable to box the unit after use as there is a provisional box that goes with the packaging. The box features strong and solid magnetic seals in rigid construction and comes handy which is in itself fashionable enough especially when you like to travel frequently. The Onassis Style Aphrodite Professional flat-iron is really sleek and its accompanying written instructions are very clear and concise, you could not possibly be wrong with its use for years to come.

9. GHD Professional Original 1-Inch Styler

One of the latest innovations and development in hair heating technology is being used by this one of a kind hair straighter, the ghd Professional Original 1-inch Styler flat-iron recognizable around the world for its uniqueness and style. The flat-iron has an advanced aluminum plates and a state-of-the-art static-free shine ceramic heaters, in combination with majority aluminum, allowing the hair cuticle to heal and absorb the necessary moisture to make it more bouncy, shiny and gorgeously beautiful.

The flat-iron has an automatic sleep mode as a safety feature. It has also a round barrel for creating fashionable curls, flicks and waves which make your hair different from the rest of the ordinary styles. That includes the perfect straight hair everybody desires. This flat-iron could also achieve your preferred hair style in just minutes because of its quick heating system; you are done with the task in less than 15 minutes even if you have back-length hair. The unit is so efficient; salons make this device as one of their primary tool in hair styling. You should have in your home.

This product is an authentic one sold by Amazon online and you could be assured of its quality and its featured specifications are what written on the website. Though some poor imitations are proliferating online, and they are the subject of scrutinizes from disgusted buyers, it is better to purchase this product from authorized dealers such as Amazon.

The irony with this product is its advance control design where it could shut down by itself because of the built-in circuit breaker on its plug. When it sense that it is being idled (that is, when no one is using it), it automatically shuts off as a safety feature.

10. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

This flat-iron has red ceramic as its heating plates and all of 1-inch width that brings smooth hair and a long-lasting straight one, easily created by this heater through its evenly distributed heat, thanks to this red ceramic.The FHI Heat Platform Professional hair styling iron is fast heating and could style different types of hair from fine to course. The flat-iron could maintain various stages of styling from glamorous curls and waves to eccentric straight hair that is bouncy and shiny.

Its light pull does not damage hair even if you are on a hurry. The ceramic also does not break and do not burn fine hair, either. Its tourmaline ceramic heat platform does not stick to the hair even tangled ones. Just comb your hair (and be sure it is dry) before gliding this flattening iron through long or short hair. If you are a salon lover and truly trust their effort managing your hair, you will find satisfaction or better; exceed your expectations, when you use the FHI Heat Platform hair styling iron in your home.

Designed to be user-friendly, this straightener could be controlled by the provided switches (on and off) and select the best temperature for your type of hair. This shuts off automatically when idled for more than 25 minutes. So, it will just turn off automatically when you forgot about it when you are finished working. But don’t be accustomed with this practice, it is better to be making sure it is off before you do other chores.

The only problem with this product is that the red ceramic could be easily broken when dropped from a high elevation and into a hard surface. Better to take good care of it and avoid being drop while you are on the works.

11. The Royal Hair Straightener

Nowadays, The Royale hair straightener is the preferred brand of many people who are looking for a reliable as well as stable iron flat. Royale has been considered for their high quality products. However, the Royale hair straightener doesn’t just rely on the company’s reputation as it really has a host of practical  features.

One among many features here is its use of enhanced ionic field technology as it seals in the oils in ways that would not otherwise be possible. The iron flat is also comes with nano silver plates and infrared technology for more efficient use.

Another highlight of the Royale is its lightweight design. It is light to hold but is durable, something that you wouldn’t expect considering its appearance. However, many users have reviewed that it can withstand hours of use and won’t break down. In addition, the product has a very good warranty.

How to choose the right flat iron for you?

Choosing the best hair straightener for you is a personal choice. But there is a wide variety to choose from. You will certainly decide what is best for your needs. And we would like to extend a helping hand. Aside from the parameters we will show at the end of these reviews (such as voltage, product weight, auto feature, material of heating plates and temperature range, among others), we will also give you tips on how to choose the best one for you. Here it goes:

  • Read reviews– You could certainly take the advice of others. The best thing is to read reviews, blogs, articles and the likes, online, and analyze carefully what they are saying. Writers on this field are experts and they seldom commit mistakes as these are their everyday routine: to getand give information.
  • Assess your needs – You can tell if what you need is for personal, family or commercial (such as salons) use and what type of hair the product will be applied for.If for personal use and you have thick hair, for example, you could select the one that is conducive to thick hair. Or the lightest one if you are always traveling. For family or commercial uses, it should be tough and durable enough to withstand multiple uses every day.
  • Consider price as the last resort – Price should be the last consideration when buying this kind of product. Some brands have higher price, but low in quality and vice-versa.



This straightener reviews could bring joy and some luck to people who want to buy the best value flat iron for them. The featured 10 of the best straightener products in the market are based from thorough research and study conducted by the author and colleagues in the industry to give you the lineup for the best choices and the best selections for the Best one. Plus, of course, the comparison table to ease your burden!