Hair care for women beautifully in the world to be more interested. Let’s collect hair care ways for women in the world.

Dry hair care with honey of Romanian women

Dry hair care by honey is known to many people. However, not everyone knows this is natural hair care secrets of the Romanian. Instead of using the raw exhaust oil add 1 spoon of honey mixed in. This is the simple way to screen hair silky and shiny.

Keep the hair color with chamomile tea

Hair care with chamomile tea is applied by women in Scotland. If you want to keep hair color, this is simple and effective way. Preparing little daisies. Then, boiling water the flowers on (the module time out for 5 to 7 minutes). Continue to cool and filter. Pour the Chamomile has filtered into the spray bottle. Spray dry hair up sometimes. So will keep hair dye color more beautiful than ever.

Hair care dyeing with onion

Using the onion as a hair dye. It’s dyed hair care way of women in Czech Republic. Get finely chopped onion to boil. Shampoo and gently massage the scalp for 10 minutes. Then wash with water. This is also pretty simple to keep blonde hair dye, highlight.

Increase the ball for hair by lotus water

Fibrous and dandruff hair care by lotus water quite effectively. Specially, shampoo with lotus water help increase gloss, smoother for hair. Using lotus shaped lamp keep the hair smoother than ever.


Boost moisture for hair with coconut milk

Restoration and hair care with coconut milk is quite good. This is how the women’s hair care in Thailand. Pressed or grinding copra to get raw milk. Then put in high heat or microwave. Annealing hair with coconut milk to help dry hair, fiber, become more sleek.

Using beer for nourishing hair

Damaged hair care by using chemicals recently prompted to beer. This is hair care experience of women in Germany. Preparing half-liter of beer to outside air from five hours or more. Then add a little warm water poured directly into dry hair. Massage for 15 minutes. Continue for half hour and have the sleek hair from inside.

Moisturizing the hair by Cactus

You will be surprise with the miraculous hair nourishing uses of cactus. Quite simply peeled Cactus shampoo with the oil of them. So, damaged hair will be restored and enhance waves, thick hair.

The above is the way of hair care of women throughout the world. Simple but extremely effective. With this way, your hair from being damaged due to staining, bending presses will quickly regain vitality.

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