If you have thick hair and you want it shiny, smooth, and curly and straight, this productis just what you need. The Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener is one such device that could realize all your “hairy” dreams. Its floating plates are made of ceramic tourmaline and 1-inch thick which offer no pinching when you use it.

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Author Olivia DeCola

AsaVea Professional Ceramic Hair straightener

This beautifully crafted Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener for Thick Hair comes with free mini iron and heat resistant case no other brand has done. This flat iron is also so handy and light; it will not make your hand and muscles to numb. The device is also certified to accomplish flattening in just one pass, no need to repeat the procedure, and that is quite a feat. You could save time and energy.

This flat iron also allows the user to manipulate heat by dialing precisely its control from the lowest setting, if you want just a little amount of heat, to the maximum value when high heat is needed for hard to bond locks and tangles. The temperature could really go low enough to tackle finer hair. You want more of its salient features? Well, check these out:

  • With 3 heating ranges: Red/low(266-320F), Red and Blue/ medium (338-392F), Red-Blue-Green/high (410-445)
  • With LED indicator lights
  • Temperature indicator is digital
  • With tangle-resistant cord that swivels at 360 degrees (with built-in locking mechanism)
  • Multiple buttons for controls
  • Hologram identification sticker for authentication and warranty registration
  • Tourmaline Ceramic plate with Microchip Temperature Control
  • 4-year warranty
  • Guaranteed no pinch
  • With money-back guarantee
  • The free mini iron is improved to include new 2-in-1 curler/flat iron
  • Guaranteed silkier and straighter hair in half the time compared to conventional flat iron
  • Product weight: 2.3 lbs.

These are only the few features this hair flat teneris made of. You could be shortchanged by other brand which promises everything but left you empty-handed. The Professional Flat Iron never stops at boundaries; it goes beyond borders that to give you perpetual convenience and success.

The product’s weakness

Considering this flat iron is an ergonomic design on its class, the unit is also not automatic. You should shut-off the system manually when you are done. A not so difficult task to do, but will make you safer.


The good thing about this Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener is its 3-range temperature setting; a stylist could precisely select the best temperature that will conform to a client’s type of hair. It is a unique feature not readily offered by other brands. You are sure you could have a big bargain with this product.

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