Females possess lot of options when they need to straighten the hair. One of the treatments they pick is chemical hair straightening. These chemicals are known as chemical. The usage is a perfect straightening remedy for the people who are having unmanageable hair. Women prefer this treatment because it gives a right result. To get the interested outcome, the process of straightening involves the utilization of guanidine or sodium hydroxide. But it is essential to understand the positive and negative aspects prior you go for this treatment. You want to consider about the merits and demerits of chemically straightened hairChemically straightened hair treatment is not perfect for everyone. If you think that you do not have any issues on your hair and the scalp, you can get benefit on getting the treatment.

The advantages

Relaxers will create the hair easier to handle. A flat iron will assist you get a ideal straight hair that will be easier to style or comb the hair. But it is likely for you to receives curls back in the hair. You can see few relaxers which has aloe vera.It will moisten the hair and scalp. So the hair will be visible shiny after getting the treatment. You can also ask the hair dresser whether they contain relaxers that have aloe vera.Availing aloe vera gives lot of benefits for you. The straightening procedure is useful for the people who have kinky hair. Females with ethnic hair kinds are good candidates for chemical hair straightening. It is probable to dye the hair after the treatment. But ensure that you talk with the hair dresser to identify the safe colors to avail. Usually, bleach or highlights dye cannot be done on the relaxed hair. Specialists suggest that it is good to avail semi permanent dyes. The chemical hair straightening procedure helps you to get the hair straightened that is highly flexible for different styles.

The disadvantage:

Relaxers need few expenses to maintain. You normally want approximately eight to one hundred fifty dollars for the maintenance. The hair will be straightened on the long term basis, but the roots of the hair still require retouching when they grow. The material in the hair straightening product can some time damage the hair. Sodium hydroxide is available with few risks hence it will be good to select a formula availing guanidine hydroxide. The straightening method for your hair can damage the scalp also. Therefore you possibly want to reconsider two more times prior selecting the treatment.The normal reason that women decide to get the hair straightened is to remove curls. Certain times this procedure will be availed to remove the wavy hair or soften the hair. Chemically straightened hair is called as relaxing, involves a work where the fundamental design of overly wavy or curly hair is altered in to a straight form. Both permanent and relaxing waving uses strong chemicals that are used to the hair shaft.

Consult a specialist:

This treatment is not a difficult procedure, but it does need a proper technical knowledge of the process. Hence it must be done by a professional with a history of success with chemical hair straightening. It is good to get the process done by an expert hence that they can do a strand investigation to decide the suggested strength of the relaxer that must be availed. The hair stylist will want to check the present hair porosity, texture, elasticity, absence or presence of the hair damage. Fine, colored, chemically lightened hair normally needs a mild relaxing treatment. Average, medium textured hair can be able to tolerate routine strength relaxers. Coarse virgin hair may need a super relaxing treatment. The expert will be able to decide the effective type of formula according to the results of a strand investigation and through observing at and touching the hair to be done the procedure. A good specialist will have detailed records of the treatments that have been done on the hair and can avail the written records to know the best treatment.

Hair strand checking:

A good hair stylist that who is knowledgeable in the procedure will do a test on the hair that is to be straightened. This test is very important to make sure that the hair can withstand the strong chemical working without any opposite reactions. This protects the hair, as well as assists the experts decide the effective kind of formula to avail, whether to avail base petroleum protection layer or to use a conditioner filler is needed or not. This test can be performed in different ways, by pulling the hair to decide the level of elasticity, using a little quantity of relaxer to know the hair reactions to the strong chemicals and a finger test.

Post relaxing treatment:

After the hair has been straightened, it will need special treatment to secure the hair and to keep the effects of the process. If the hair is not treated with lot of care, it can turn brittle and stiff. Relaxed hair is highly porous and possible to hold on the dulling residue. Hence it is essential to rinse out the best shampoo and other products properly.

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