Girls are much conscious about their hairs as compared to men as they want different styles on daily basis. If they have curly hairs they will surely go for straight ones and if they have straight hairs they will go for curly ones. Therefore to sort out your problem we are presenting Remington hair straightener as it contains thee in one feature as it contains a blow dryer hair straightener and curling iron as well and all that features you will find only in single product and it is Remington s9500 Digital Ceramic hair straightener.


Let’s Take a Look

You will receive this Remington hair styler in card box. This is the first thing that you will like in it that its card box packing as it protects it from external and internal damage as well. The design of Remington hair iron is so beautiful and elegant and it is up to date and you will find only Remington straightener purple as it is only available only in purple colour and its cord length is only 1.8 m long that is more than you wanted. The cord of tourmaline flat iron is rotated around its axis so no need to worry that it will get stuck into knots and get tangled. There are 3 different buttons on side of the best Remington straightener one for increase (+) temperature one for decreases (-) temperature and the third are for On/Off the devise. Metal plates of best flat iron for thick hair are made of ceramic as like hsi flat iron that will provide your hair a shine and strength that you have never before. The hair straightener has a digital display LCD on which you can adjust temperature according to your need and requirement. The heating temperature ranges from 150 degree C to 230 degree C. Another you must know about this best product is its start-up time as it takes about 15 seconds to get heated and you will never wait to much that how much time will it need to get heated to adjustable temperature. When you hair straightener gets heated it will display a blue light that will let you know that your hair straightener is now ready to use. Another interesting thing to know is its auto shut down functionality. If you forgot to switch it off after using it doesn’t worry it will automatically switch off after 60 minutes due its functionality.


Let’s Popup Feature

  • The hair straightener is as light in weight for your use as like as toy.
  • It has different range so you can adjust temperature.
  • LCD display with light to check temperature.
  • Long and thing ceramic plates that will provide strength and shine to your hairs as well as it also give volume to your thin hairs.
  • It start-up time is so fast as it takes only 15 seconds to get heated and also gets cool in no time.
  • Auto shut down functionality is best one in this as it will automatically shut down after 60 minutes if you forgot to switch it off.
  • Its cord rotates about 360 degrees.
  • Lock button for plates so you can use them and you will be safe from any harm.
  • Heat resisting body protects you from any harm.
  • It is not so expensive.
  • Automatic voltage selection.
  • You will guarantee of one year with it.

Any kind of hair you have whether you have thin or heavy hairs it is best for both kinds of hairs.

Let’s SUM UP

You will see wide hair straighteners range and they all promise you to give their best but in actual they are failed to do so you must buy this one if you love your hair and want your styling in no time so you must go for only this one and you never regret upon your decision.

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