1. First and foremost rule – any hairstyle is done only on washed hair.
  2. 2 times a week apply a hydrating mask.
  3. Use thermal protective. In the salons of the heat deflector means are always used. Conducting hair straightening at home, do not neglect this condition. Modern means not only protect the hair, but also make styling more reliable. The most convenient in this matter serum: they are distributed throughout the hair as evenly as possible. Remember that an excessive amount of protection will not protect your hair, but only overload them.
  4. If ideally the hair is better to dry naturally without the use of a hair dryer, then to create a hairstyle without it can not do.In order not to damage the hair dryer, and later hot Ironing, you should spray them along the entire length of the thermal protection or liquid keratins.
  5. Hair dryer is recommended to put on cool air.
  6. Dry the hair from the roots to the tips, directing the flow of air from top to bottom. This method protects the hair from drying out and helps to close the scales.
  7. To work with the iron hair should be completely dry. Residual moisture, evaporating under the plates of forceps, spoils the hair.
  8. Trying to straighten a big section of your hair, you dry the hair adjacent to the Ironing, while not affecting the hairs in the back. Grab small strands of the hair were heated evenly.
  9. For different types of hair need different temperatures (do not forget to pay attention to this when choosing Ironing).
  10. Watch your health. Lack of sleep, stress, lack of protein, minerals and vitamins can cause hair loss more than normal.


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