The Hair Straightener that is really good in your hair

What is really the best straightener? When you want terrific bangs and eliminate flyaway hair, just like the perfect cut celebrities always flash on screen, you might opt for the ISA Professional Flat Iron Victoria. This Victoria secret hair straightener is just perfect for the hair styling lovers of all ages. It has Smart Automatic Temperature feature that adjust changes base on your hair’s thickness, styling needs, texture and silkiness.

Its tourmaline ceramic heating plates is 100% solid ceramic unlike other brands which are only ceramic-coated. This gives salon quality hair straightening done even at home. The pure ceramic plate is unlike metal which does not transfer heat evenly to hair. With pure ceramic, the heat is evenly distributed to hair and you have the job done in seconds with more silkier and smoother shines.

The Victoria secret hair straightener is uniquely shaped so it does not only straighten hair, but also gives hair bouncy curls and glam waves with just the twist of your wrist. This styling could be easily done within minutes with flat iron as this product is really reliable, durable and packed with more worthwhile features only ISA Professional flat iron maker could give justice, see these:

  • Universal voltage (110-220V)
  • Faster curling and waving and the safest straightening tool
  • Swivel cord provision at 360 degrees, anti-tangle
  • 100% certified ceramic plates
  • On and off switch
  • LED light display when in use
  • Ambidextrous design, could be used by both right or left-handed people
  • 2-year warranty
  • Product weight: 13.6 ounces


When you own a salon and you could not avoid the fast-pace environment of salon scenes while your costumers keep flocking to seek your service to do their hair and you can’t catch up with the job because your old flat iron is so slow to heat up, this straightener just fits your needs.

Some disadvantage, but practically a minor one

The Victoria secret hair straightener, just like some models, does not operate automatically. The switch is your virtual control of the rising and lowering of temperature. However, by this set-up, energy efficiency is more viable because you only have to turn on the device whenever you need it, while you could turn it off during idle times especially when the hair that you are about to work on is still wet.


This regular price Victoria secret hair straightener could suit your budget while you enjoy the quality it brings. The ISA Professional Flat Iron by Victoria is one for the bucket list. Traditional hair straightening was done extensively by hand during our forebears’ time. Now, with the advent of electricity and advance thinking of our engineers and scientists, they have come up with this invention, like this ISA Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener Victoria Tourmaline Ceramic, which has the touch of a human hand. For more information, visit home page.

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