There’s no need to use a curling iron in order to make your hair curved. A straightener aka a flat iron can help you design a creative, amusing and amazing curve hairstyle. So, instead of wasting your money purchasing in the curling iron, a tool which is only aimed for making your hair curved. Now you only have to pay one-time fee for the straightener, a tool which is not only used for straighten your hair but also create the creative and funny curves for your hair.
In this short tutorial, we hope you will find the great tips to use a straightener as a curling iron.

1. Tools Preparation:

You will need a straightener with 1-inch width (visit our homepage for more info).Then you will need a hold hair spray as well as an old sheen spray which will help you enhance your hair’s elasticity and hydration. Sharelle Loudd, a stylish from Beautique Salon located at San Jose, suggest that we should buy the sprays of some popular brand such as Kera Care and Kenra.

2. Hair Preparation:

Apply the oil sheen spray on the hair section which is located at the nape of the neck. The oil will facilitate the straightener glides henceforward. After that, apply the oil on the hair body.

3. Hair Curling Process:

Some rules of thumbs for you to keep in mind while curling your hair
Firstly, wrap your hair with a straightener similar to the way to wrap with a curling iron. Close the straightener incompletely.

Secondly, adjust the heat according to the color of your hair. The darker your hair is, the more heat you will apply. Make sure the heat is enough by feeling the warmth of your hair.

Thirdly, do not rush by putting lots of hair in one single curling motion because it will be so hard.

Apply the straighter to the hair part at the nape of your neck. You should hold your hair while turning the straightener around. This motion is different from the curling iron. You should wrap a portion of your hair and slowly longways pull it wave

Below illustrates how you should control your straightener:

curls with straightening iron

Hold the straightener firmly and turn it by twirling your wrist.

4. How to make a Beach body wave curls hairstyle?

The previous part shows you the fundamental curve hairstyle. You pointed the tip of the straightener down. So, in order to make such a beach body wave curls hairstyle, just simply angle up the straightener but keep the same technics instructed previously.

Carefully unwind your hair after winding it all around the straightener.

5. Lock your curve hairstyle

It’s the time to finish your hairstyle, just simply apply the hold hair spray on your hair. Then apply the oil sheen on the top hair area in order to make it smooth.

This is how the final result looks like:

curls with straightening iron final result

Credit: Thanks to the detailed instruction of Sharelle Loudd, a stylish who works at Beautique salon in San Jose.

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