With the right tools, hair could be flipped, curled and waved besides being straightened the way you like it. The CHI Hairstyling Flat Iron is the safest tool you could ever have to realize these hair styles. This CHI hair straightener is for professional salon flattening iron especially created for shiny and silky hair; otherwise, some products of this category have the difficulty attaining. With its highly reliableiron flattener, styling hair could not be the same again. The hair is immaculately shiny and bound when this amazingly good straightener leaves your hair.

To help reduce the frizz and static, this model uses Far Infrared heating which is one of the benefits in using this CHI hair straightener product. Furthermore, the heating mineral is tourmaline ceramic that is a 1-inch wide element and 1.5 inches in length that could glide through the hair in thin batches.

Unlike other brands, the CHI Flat Iron straightens hair while giving it the shiniest texture in minutes. The ceramic, though shorter than conventional flat irons, still distribute heat evenly and gives substantial amount of negative ions that make hair bond with each other straightly.

To prolong the life of your hair straightener, the manufacturers’ adviceto active users is to religiously follow their written instructions with the accompanying users’ manual of instruction before using this wonderful product.

CHI knows the perpetual value of your hair that is why they are keen in improving their products to better serve their clients. By this, they have added these features for better results:

  • Also for spiral and bending hair
  • Quick heat up
  • With swivel cord for convenience
  • Temperature range: 250-410F
  • Clear LED lights display
  • On and Off button
  • Available in various colors
  • 2-year limited warranty on all electrical parts
  • Product dimensions: 10 X 1.5 X 1.5 inches

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Just One Handicap

This product unfortunately, is not automatic. You need to turn it on when needed and slide the button the opposite way when you are done. But this does not diminish the quality and versatility of this hair straightener. Just be careful not to forget to turn it off when not in use for safety reasons. Additionally, this feature is more energy efficient compared to other brands.


Before you order this product, be assured that this hair straightener could really serve its purpose while you are way above the expectations. The CHI Hairstyling Flat Iron is simply designed so as not to confuse users of the product’s primary duty of styling hair the way stylists like it done. This product has no difficult and laborious instructions written on its manual, so that users or novices could easily understand its operations.

CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron in Multiple Colors


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