Flat irons are one of the best inventions made for hair. They are practically used for curling, straightening, flipping or whatever hairstyle you would like to achieve. But for women who have thick hair, there is a need to buy and use the best flat iron for thick hair. And where will you find it? Right here! I will be providing the best flat irons for thick hair and you have the freedom to pick the one that will perfectly suit you.

HSI Professional Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

What makes it different?

The HIS does not tug or snug hair, it removes locks and frizz. It has a 240-400F adjustable temperature, which is a longer range compared to other flat irons. A higher temp should be used for thicker hairs when used for straightening. This is made of smooth ceramic plates that slide easily through the hair, however thick it may be, without leaving any damages. When you purchase, they would give you freebies like pair of gloves, Argan oil leaves and a pouch.

Issue: It lacks automatic features, you have to turn it on and off manually.

CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Flat Iron in Multiple Colors

What makes it different?

This is loved by many due to its lightness and versatility. It makes hairs shinier, silkier and flatter without the tracks of fly away hair. Its far infra-red heating capability decreases static and frizz, preventing dryness. It endures hair worries when you’re out such as wind. It will go back to its beautiful look in no time. Its effect is experienced longer compared to others.

Issue: It is also manually operated.

HSI Professional CeramicTourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

What makes it different?

This device is fully automatic and has a clear LCD digital display to monitor the heat. It has a fast heating effect when you turn it on, making styling easy and quick to achieve and can be adjusted from 240-45F. The product is also loved by stylists for its multiple heat settings that can work in minutes no matter the length. The rounded plates are best on curls, bangs and it adds some waves on its ends without experiencing any fuzz.

Issue: Its swivel cord is quite long, making it inconvenient when there are a lot of people in the room walking or when stylists have to move around. It can entangle their clients’ feet.

BaByliss pro Nano Titanium Hair plated Ultra-thin Straightening Iron

What makes it different?

BaByliss Pro offers a slim, sleek and very light to touch flat iron. Though it’s thin, it boasts titanium as its heating plates. Titanium does not stick to hair strands even when exposed to high temperatures, plus it is not-corrosive. Because it’s titanium, it gives an instant glow and shine to the hair when glided upon. Titanium produces and dissolves negative ions with maximum far-infrared energy resulting to fast styling, yet leaving it smoothly, not hurting the scalp. Its 5-inch length plates reach through the bigger areas of the hair and heats it equally as it slides through each strand.

Issue: This flat iron is also turned on and off manually.

ISA Professional Digital LCD Ceramic flat iron

What makes it different?

It is 100% solid ceramic, accommodating all sorts of hair. Its straightener has temperature of 175F to 450F. The heating settings are easy to adjust because the control is right outside. This makes this flat iron different from cheap ones. It has controls built inside the unit, letting you stop what you are doing to peep on the temperature. Another of its stand out feature is its locking system. By simply pressing the button twice, the system will immediately lock, making it safer.

Issue: Because of its features, this flat iron is more expensive than others.

When choosing the best flat iron for your thick hair, do not forget to consider the following:

  1. Read reviews, articles, blogs

This is to help you know more about the product from people who actually used it and experts who are knowledgeable of flat irons.

  1. Know what you really need

Admit to yourself that you have a thick hair and you have to meet the demands of it. And there is nothing wrong with owning a thick hair. It makes you even more beautiful when you embrace your individuality.

  1. Price 

This should be the last in your list. You always have to consider quality first. It is better to buy an expensive flat iron if it equates to quality service than a cheap one that could damage your hair.

Be a head turner and choose the best flat iron for your thick hair!

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