All You Need To Know About Hair Straightener Temperature Range

All You Need To Know About Hair Straightener Temperature Range


The hair is properly the most important factor when it comes to women beauty. And because of that, most women spend a lot of their time taking care of them. There are so many ways to make your hair prettier and hair straightening is the best. What can make women more attractive than a long, smooth, straight hair? But most people don’t know how to straighten their hair properly. And the trickiest when it comes to hair straightening is setting the right temperature. In this post, I’m going to provide you all the needed information about using heat when straightening your hair. If you want a more specific guide about how to straighten your hair, please visit our website

Temperature range for hair type

In order to archive the best result, you must use the perfect temperature. Too much heat will damage your hair and too little of that is not good either.

Thick and curly hair

Thick, curly hair:

If you have a thick, coarse, and curly hair. You must set the temperature between 3800F to 4200F. Your hair need enough heat to melt its inside texture and make it easier to shape.

Normal, wavy hair:

This hair type is the most common. The perfect temperature for it is between 3600F to 3800F.

Thin hair:

And if you have a thin, fine hair. You must really careful when taking care of your hair because it can be damaged easily. The temperature for straightening must be low so it won’t damage the hair. A temperature below 3600F is best for you.

Plate types

You may think that this is not relevant. But plate types can affect how the heat are distributed and transfer to your hair.


This is the most used plate type because it can heat up quickly and distribute the heat evenly. They are also safe with thin, fine hairs.


This is a newer material than ceramic. It produces more negative ions than ceramic. Because of that, they are perfect for dry hair. You don’t have to use too much heat to archive the best result.


These have the fastest heat transfer out of the three. This makes them perfect for thick and curly hair.

Common mistakes and tips

Common mistakes and tips


Set the temperature too low:

Some people thing that uses less heat will cause your hair less damage. Don’t get me wrong, this is right. But when you do that, you need to straighten your hair more times so it will cost your hair more damage than it saves.

Set the temperature too high:

Using high heat is an effective and quick way to straighten your hair, but too much heat could damage your hair texture. A few hours of good hair is not worth it when you’ll have to take care of your damaged hair after that.

Use heat protectant:

Remember to use a heat protectant when straightening your hair. This can protect your hair from heat.

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